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Cadastral Appraisal

An appraisal is a method leading to an opinion of value. This estimate is established through a precise process that usually uses the three common approaches to value. First is the cost approach – what it would cost to replace the improvements, less physical deterioration and other elements, plus the land value.

Second is the sales comparison approach – it includes making a comparison to other very much alike, neighboring properties which have recently sold. This is typically the most accurate and best indicator of the value of the residential property. The third is the income approach – the most important in estimating income-producing properties. This includes evaluating what an investor would pay based on the revenue produced by the property.

Commercial Appraisal

The commercial appraisal is the document prepared by a Real Estate appraiser that allows you to know the real value of a property in the market. The commercial appraisal determines the value of the property with which you can establish the price of purchase, sale, or any type of commercial transaction of a property. It is influenced by different economic elements, such as price increases, supply and demand, real estate appreciation, and inflation.

Through the appraisal, three types of values or real estate valuation approaches are obtained to determine the value of a property: Physical or Direct Approach: Determination of replacement value of materials which helps us to finish the calculation of construction materials and facilities, which were used in its construction at today’s value.
Comparative Market Approach: It is considered according to the market offer of similar properties in the same area or similar areas. Approach by The Capitalization of Rents: A comparison is made based on similar properties in the same area or similar areas that are for rent, to identify the value of all future rents that the property will produce.

What does the appraisal report contain?

The expert appraiser will make the analysis of several elements of the property among which are:

  • The age of the construction.
  • The quality of the materials used in the construction.
  • The physical condition of the property.
  • The maintenance that has been given to it.
  • The services available in the property and those in the surrounding area.
  • The communication routes that are in the surroundings, if it has subway stations, trolleybus, trucks, bicycle stations, etc.
  • The condition of the surrounding streets.
  • If there are schools, hospitals, or shopping centers nearby.
  • The opportunity to expand the property.


It is a quick appraisal of value of a property considering its location and physical characteristics, based on comparative market study of similar property.
This is based on knowledge of the market and does not require strict compliance with regulations, it provides an overview of the probable price of a property.

Tax Appraisal

The tax appraisal is the instrument by means of which the value of the property is determined at a date prior to that on which the appraisal is made for purposes of determining the payment of income tax.
This instrument is required in the deed of real estate and is used when constructions or improvements have been made and cannot be proven by means of invoices.
This appraisal is presented before the Notary Public with whom the purchase and sale of real estate are formalized.

What is a tax appraisal for?
When a real estate property is going to be sold, a mandatory ISR payment is incurred, according to the ISR law in article 205, it is possible to make deductible and therefore lower the ISR tax payment for selling a real estate property when investment expenses on the subject real estate property are proven.

When the investment in real estate is carried out in the matter of improvements, the cost of the investments in which it has been incurred through the improvements and the extensions to the property must be calculated, for this, the total cost will have to be given in the opinion of value in the notice of termination. This as mentioned in Article 121 of the Income Tax Law, Section II.

When is a tax appraisal necessary?
When the transfer of ownership of ISAI and ISR is going to be made.
For example when a property is acquired by:
Testamentary Judgments
Mergers or Divisions

How long is a tax appraisal valid?
According to Article 3 of the Regulations of the Fiscal Code of the Federation, which statesArticle 3: “The appraisals practiced for tax purposes will be valid for one year, counted from the date they are issued, for which purpose, the Tax Authorities will accept the appraisals in relation to the goods offered to guarantee the tax interest or when it is necessary to have an appraisal in terms of the provisions of Chapter III of Title V of the Code.”

Who performs the tax appraisals?
The Tax Appraisal can only be performed by Appraisal Experts with a professional license issued by the Ministry of Public Education in the field of Real Estate Appraisal, depending on the situation or purpose of such services, the appraisal expert must also be valid and certified before the SHF or as a registered appraisal expert before the corresponding entity.

How long is a tax appraisal valid?
The validity of the appraisal for tax purposes is valid for 1 (one) year as long as the property has not undergone structural modifications or changes in economic conditions.

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